Free On-Line “Seminars”

Seminar1  People have inquired about my Why Quantum Physicists… book series wondering if I conduct seminars.  If you can’t attend a seminar, these interviews are like being at one.

1. I just love the energy between Sandy Leveque and me in this interview that she titled “The Missing Link”.  See if you agree that our conversation was fun, entertaining, and insightful.


2. My YouTube Channel

See me and hear me explain how to “Grow a Greater You”.  Lots of different videos here – from ones I make to interviews/conversations with friends.  Click, subscribe, and watch.  It’s all free, of course.

3. Global Entrepreneurs Talk Radio with Christopher Pinckley

Christopher Pinckley, coach extraordinaire,  has interviewed such luminous guests as Gregg Braden, Chalene Johnson, and T. Harv Eker on his talk show.  Now add Greg Kuhn to that list.  This is, perhaps, my most passionate interview; I was on fire with Chris.  This is my first interview after publishing Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater”.  You can hear the confidence and heated joy born of that wonderful game.  It’s long; check it out and see if it’s my best interview yet (as Christopher tells me).  Want to learn the blueprint?  Listen to this interview. 

4.  The Think, Believe, and Manifest Show

Constance Arnold, a beautiful woman, hosts this show and has had such luminous guests as Jack Canfield, Dr. John DeMartini, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Marci Shimoff, and Marcia Wieder.  Now add me to that list and listen in as we discuss, in depth, exactly how we create our world, communally and individually.  And why it is so important for you to not only manifest your desires, but to embrace your desires – right now, just as they are.  This is a powerful interview and one you’ll undoubtedly want to return to occasionally.

5. The Think, Believe, and Manifest Show

This is my first appearance with Constance Arnold.  It’s all about how to manifest the “big stuff” and you’ll hear the connection Constance and I generate from the start.  Constance has a history of interviewing well-known people with much to offer; I’m proud to have added to her history.  You’ll enjoy this interview as I explain how to become coherent with your greatest desires.

6.  The Matt and Phil LOA Show

I love the Matt and Phil Show; this is my second visit with them.  Such cool guys.  And we have great energy together. This show hits a lot of the hot stuff from Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You” – why bad things happen to good people, how to channel genius, and cool new data from quantum physics. And, as always, we have a lot of fun.

7.  Empowered Living Radio

This interview, with Tamara Gold, may be the best, most comprehensive discussion yet regarding your power to influence your material reality and how new paradigms from quantum physics can amplify that power.  I urge you to give a listen to Tamara’s interview with me on her Empowered Living radio program.  I promise you’ll come away with not only an enhanced understanding of how your energy forms your material world, but also with inspiration to become a more intentional creator.

8. The Matt and Phil LOA Show

This is a must-listen; if you are interested in more quantum physics, listen to this wonderful interview on The Matt and Phil LOA Show (click that link to go the recorded broadcast) that will inspire you and teach you more about the information on this website, with a focus on quantum physics.  I join Matt and Phil at about the 16:30 minute mark (although the first 16 minutes confirms their reputation as the “Click and Clack Brothers” of the law of attraction and is very enjoyable).

9. Simple Steps Real Change Radio

This show is a second must-listen.  Almost everything you need to know about using quantum physics to align your life with your desires is encapsulated wonderfully in this most recent interview with Cheryl Maloney on her fantastic radio program, Simple Steps Real Change Radio Program (click on that link to go to the recorded broadcast).

10. Simple Steps Real Change Radio

If you’re not familiar with Cheryl Maloney, by the way, and her amazing website Simple Steps, Real Change, you should be.  Cheryl is doing amazing work bringing people together with personal transformation experts and has also launched a beautiful magazine called Simple Steps Magazine (the subscription is free).

Our first interview on Cheryl’s Simple Steps Real Change radio program (click on that link to go the recorded broadcast) was fun and in-depth, please give it a listen or download the podcast from iTunes if you prefer.

11. The Lois Wetzel Show

Lois Wetzel, author, past life expert, and law of attraction teacher extraordinaire, hosted me for a wonderful, fun, and enlightening hour on her radio program The Lois Wetzel Show (click on that link to go the recorded broadcast).  We chatted about the law of attraction, quantum physics, and living a life much more aligned with your dreams and goals.

12. Life in the Present Tense

I was a return guest on Laura Gevanter’s Life in the Present Tense (click on that link to go the recorded broadcast) to speak about quantum physics and the new paradigms we can glean from them to become more powerful creators of our own lives.

13. Life in the Present Tense

Listen and have more of your questions answered as I was a first-time guest on Laura’s show Life in the Present Tense (click on that link to go to the recorded broadcast) that you will also love listening to and will learn even more about the information you find in this blog and in Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.  If you’re reading Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat (and if you’re not, why aren’t you?), I can’t recommend this interview highly enough.

14.  Here is a cool conversation Luis Souza and I got to have.  I believe you’ll have fun with it too.