acorn  An acorn is the seed of an oak tree.

When you look at an acorn, therefore, aren’t you also looking at an oak tree?  An oak tree in embryo, an oak tree yet to emerge, yet an oak tree non-the-less?

And given that logic, can’t we say the same about you?

You Are Much More Like An Acorn Then You Ever Imagined

After all, what are you made of?

Your body is made of systems: endocrine, reproductive, digestive, urinary, skeletal, circulatory, nervous, muscular, and respiratory systems

What are your systems made of?

Tissue and organs

What are your tissues and organs made of?


What are your cells made of?


What are your molecules made of?


What are your atoms made of?

Sub-atomic particles

What are your sub-atomic particles made of?


You Are, Literally, Energy; You Are, Literally, Potential

Can’t argue with that list, can you?  Except I need to point out two trick responses I just gave.

  1. Sub-atomic particles aren’t made of energy.  They are energy.
  2. Sub-atomic particles aren’t actually particles.  They are energy, which has the inherent potential to become particles.

So “you” (or, your body) is made of energy, which inherently possesses the potential to become any “thing”.  And, of course, in the case of your body, that energy has become a “thing” – it has become your body.

And we can say the same about any other “thing” in the material world.  Every “thing” is made of energy, which inherently possesses the potential to become a “thing”.  And, every “thing’s” energy, has abandoned its state of potential and become that “thing”.  Temporarily – because that energy will eventually return to its state of potential when it is finished being that “thing”.

That is why we call a “thing”, a material object, a time-space event.  A time-space event is a collection of energy which has abandoned its state of pure (and mere) potential to collapse and form a definitive, concrete material object.

You Aren’t Just the Potential to Become a “Thing”, You Are Also the Force Which Creates “Things”

And, of course, that collapse is cause by measurement.  Or, to use a more familiar term, that collapse is caused by observation.

  • The primary force which allows an observer to play the role of “time-space event creator” is a consciousness
  • The primary power which creates coherence between a consciousness and the energy of the quantum field are beliefs
  • The primary vehicle which delivers the energy which forms coherence between a consciousness-possessing entity’s beliefs and the quantum field are expectations
  • And expectations are formed unconsciously from beliefs

So there you have it.  You are like an acorn.  You have, in embryo, anything you desire.  Already present within you.  Literally.

Not All Acorns Become Mighty Oaks, But Every One of Them Can

Will you give birth to your desires, growing into the oak tree you have the potential to become?  You will is you simply do one thing: grow yourself into your desires.  Grow yourself into your desires by growing, aligning, your beliefs with them.

If you grow yourself into your desires, by aligning your beliefs with them, you don’t even have to settle for becoming a mighty Oak tree.  You can become a giant Sequoia tree if you wish.

Get started today by recognizing the potential that you, literally, are.  That’s right – you don’t have potential, you are potential.  You are made of potential.  And that’s a much better-feeling and (now) very believable story you can start telling yourself.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…