office space  Imagine this scenario: You have a burning desire for a six-figure income next year.

Your salary is determined by a yearly job-performance evaluation and yours is not nearly good enough.

What can you do?  I have the answer!

This is Brilliant

Write your own job-performance evaluation and fill it out however is necessary to get that $100,000+ salary.

Problem solved, right?

If you submitted that to your supervisor on December 1st, you’ll solved the dilemma and manifested your long-desired salary.

Can’t believe you didn’t think of it yourself, right?

Why Hasn’t Everyone Been Doing This?

Or, perhaps, that plan wouldn’t work.  Maybe your boss would see immediately that you faked an outstanding performance evaluation.  Or she’d discover that shortly after the new year.

But, either way, your raise wouldn’t manifest.  And you’d probably be fired to boot.

Okay, dumb plan.  Any idea that doesn’t work is not a good one.  And when that plan actually makes the situation worse, you’ve got to be extremely shortsighted to try it.

Actually A Ton of People Have Been Doing This

A good evaluation must be real if you want the benefits.  Great feedback must be legit to garner the rewards that follow.  Who can argue with that?

Almost everyone reading Law of Attraction books would disagree, however.  Because Law of Attraction books almost always advise you:

  1. If you desire a raise, write yourself a fantastic (but fake) evaluation
  2. Submit fantastic (but fake) evaluation
  3. Enjoy all the money!

Here’s Why It Never Works

Feelings are feedback about your beliefs.  Nothing else.  Feelings tell you whether or not your current beliefs are capable of creating the experiences you desire.

Thus your feelings are, basically, a performance evaluation of your current beliefs.  Feelings are an evaluation of your belief’s capacity to create the pleasing versions of people, places, and things you truly desire.

Affirmations Are Fake Evaluations

When your feelings about a desired experience are regularly painful, what do you do?  What do you do, for example, when money is repeatedly a scare experience?  You give yourself positive affirmations.

You look in the mirror and tell yourself things like, “You are wealthy”, “Money loves you”, “You are worthy of wealth”, and “The money you desire is already here.”

And that, my friend, is the same thing as writing yourself a fake evaluation.  You have just replaced the real feedback about your beliefs with feedback you made up.  With the feedback you wish you were receiving about your beliefs.

Real Evaluations Teach You What To Improve

And a fake evaluation never works.  In our job example, you know that the six-figure salary will be obtained only when your job performance can be accurately reflected by a phenomenal evaluation.  It works the same way with any desire you’re trying to manifest.

Instead of writing yourself a fake evaluation with positive affirmations, use your feelings as the feedback they’re intended to be.  When your feelings are painful, let them focus your attention of your beliefs – the source of every experience you have.

Raise Your Beliefs Instead

Begin raising those beliefs into alignment with the experiences you desire.

Instead of submitting yet another counterfeit evaluation of your beliefs, as if you’ll finally get away with it this time.

Stay tuned, also, to this website for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs and desires and finally experience your dreams…